The Story of Marco Skylights & Marco Plastics Houston

People often speak of the “Greatest Generation” and the legacy of those amazing men and women left behind. Marco Plastics in Houston has been blessed to share these same roots and be able to help change Houston, TX for the better.

Chipman's Legacy

The young Marvin Chipman was discharged from the Navy upon returning from WWII in the mid-1950s. However, during his deployment, Chipman’s ship was bombed and he was taken as a POW for three and a half years. Chipman managed to miraculously escape his captors, persevered, and made it back to his friends and family in the United States.

Chipman was always very skilled with his hands and was always known by his peers to be able to make pretty much anything he set his mind too. It is no surprise that after a few of his buddies asked him to make some new boat windshields for their fishing boats that Chipman decided he could make a real career out of this. As a natural go-getter, it wasn’t long until Chipman was starting his first business, Aeroshield Plastics.

Aeroshield Plastic’s first roots were in Chipman’s own garage and things took off quickly. Chipman quickly ran out of room and had to build another one car garage addition to his existing. In this space, Chipman built his first plastics heating oven. Using his natural ingenuity and skills he learned in the Navy, Chipman took an old shipping container and built it into an oven. It is no surprise that Marco Skylights still owns this exact oven today as a testament to Chipman’s craftsmanship. In the early-1970s Chipman was offered a deal too good to pass up on and sold Aeroshield Plastics to his own brother-in-law.

With his first taste of success Chipman could not and would not stop. Chipman’s personal mantra was always “Instead of climbing the ladder to success I am going to build my own.” Retaining the oven that he originally built Chipman started Marco Skylights.

Marco Skylights started by offering custom-built skylights and chair mats to the people in Houston. As Chipman grew older and looked to retire Marco Skylights was sold to some of his relatives. After several tragic circumstances, the family was left with a very tough decision to either liquidate the company or to purchase it from the estate. Given Chipman’s long legacy and in his memory the choice to keep the business alive was obvious. As such the family purchased Marco Skylights in 2009 and still operates it today.

Marco Skylights has been blessed to give back to the Houston community in several ways throughout these past 60 years. It is because of this that several other businesses have spun off from Chipman’s ingenuity and legacy. Marco Skylights strives to keep this spirit alive and continues to supply skylights to the residential and commercial industry. But don’t worry we haven’t forgotten about those chair mats either.

About Us

When you can’t find the exact skylight size to fit your project turn to Marco Skylights. Our team of manufacturers produces high-quality custom built skylights that help add that final touch to any roofing project. Our custom daylight solutions offer the best energy-efficient lighting available. Coupled with our dedication to service our team will not stop until you get exactly what you are looking for and you have that perfect fit.

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Marco Skylights' Core Values

We take our values very seriously. Defining who we are and setting the boundaries of who we are not. These five principles help govern our decisions in and out of the workplace. Taking the time to care about you and each other is just one of many things that set us apart and make us truly a greater partner in roofing.


Finding solutions by thinking outside the box.


We always have each other’s back.

Adapt and Overcome

When obstacles rise, we always climb to the top.

Extreme Ownership

We never pass the buck. Take responsibility in all aspects of your life.


The ideal team player is Humble, Hungry, & Smart