Custom Plastic Skylight: Dome, Pyramid, Specialty, Flat, Polycarbonate & Multiwall Skylights

A plexiglass skylight provides an excellent, energy-efficient daylighting solution for your home or business. Since our inception, our traditional bubble dome skylights have been a staple of the industry. We offer these in both standard curb-mounts for commercial projects and self-flashing units that work great for residential projects with a slope greater than or equal to 14 degrees (3/12 roof pitch angle or greater).

Browse our plexiglass skylights, including our 2’x4’ curb-mount and self-flashing units. But we are not limited there. Every plastic skylight can be custom built just for you to provide exactly what you need, when you need it. Our custom plastic skylights include dome, pyramid and flat design options. We also offer polycarbonate and multiwall plexiglass skylights as well as specialty units. Shop skylights today!

How long do plastic skylights last?

Depending on the quality of the skylight and the installation, a plastic skylight can last anywhere from 8-15 years. Our extensive knowledge at Marco Skylights helps us avoid common mistakes that shorten the lifespan of your skylight.

We are well versed in proper installation and repair techniques, which are the two leading causes in a shorter skylight lifespan. Improper installation can lead to leaks between where the skylight meets the building frame. Additionally, if a skylight is repaired with sealant or caulk, it can lessen the area a skylight has to move and expand with the building frame, resulting in cracks and fractures.

Plastic skylights offer various benefits over their glass counterparts. The three main types of plastic skylights we offer at Marco Skylights are Acrylic, Impact Modified Acrylic, and Polycarbonate. Each of these options adds value over glass in different ways.

  • Acrylic – Lightweight, 50x stronger than glass, produced with UV stabilized monomer
  • Impact Modified Acrylic ­– Same as acrylic with 20% more impact resistance

Polycarbonate – Over 200x stronger than glass it is virtually unbreakable, comes with co-extruded UV cap to protect against sun damage


Marco Skylights has been a manufacturer since 1969, giving us the knowledge and skillset to achieve your desired results. Our team of experts offers a wide variety of skylight shapes, as well as customization options throughout the process. Our dedication to providing you with top-tier products goes beyond just our skylight, our customer service team is dedicated to exceeding your expectations with every step of your process.

To learn more about our plastic skylights, contact us here.

  • Information

    Adding skylights to your home or business provides you with energy efficient daylighting solutions that last for years to come. The benefits of natural light include boosting Vitamin D and critical nutrients helping to prevent heart disease, bone loss, and even has been proven to prevent various types of cancer.

  • Specifications

    Standard Units include curb-mounts and self-flashing skylights. Detailed specifications are available on Arcat.

Custom Skylights Built for You

Turn to the Marco Skylights team for your skylight needs. Whether flat, traditional, speciality or a combination of different types, our team can customize a solution for you.